This page consists of multiple drafts and notes for finalising a #rules channel on the Nitrome Wiki Discord server.

Some notes on possible rules and guidelines to implement for the Nitrome Wiki Discord server (and possibly Nitrome Wiki chat).

Rules constitute to actions that must be adhered to by the users on the server. Violating them can lead to a ban.

Guidelines are less strict, and more of advice that users should follow to have a more positive experience on the server. These will not lead to a ban, so long as the user keeps to the rules.



  1. Respect the users
    • No spamming
    • Insults directed at other users is prohibited
  2. Don't give out other people's personally sensitive information
    • Unless they are okay with it.


  1. Topic of conversation - If there is a huge conversation and you want to bring up a topic, either ask if you can bring it up OR bring it up later.


The following rules/guidelines are under discussion and are proposed suggestions:


  • If the user's intention is clearly to annoy someone by doing the jokes, then it should be treated as harassment.
  • Limits to insults and swears
  • Tag media content with warnings for screamers/jumpscares etc.
  • A rule against impersonation (E.g. changing username/nickname/avatar to copy someone and spread misinformation)
  • Handling and posting NSFW content


  • Sourcing artwork you post that isn't your own.
  • Avoid jokes about sensitive/controversial topics - rape/trigger jokes, etc.
  • Attempts should be made to tag spoilers.