The current rules of the Nitrome Wiki Discord server:

Respect the other users (don't be a dick)

  • Insults directed at other users is not allowed. Joke insults are one thing, but if the person being insulted complains in the server, that person making the insults will be asked to stop. Warnings from the staff will be given to users who continue to insult after being asked to stop, or if their intentions appear to be to annoy a person/the community.
  • Do not impersonate other users to spread misinformation about them by changing your username, nickname and/or avatar to match their user identity.
  • If the media you share includes screamers, jumpscares or other major trigger warnings, it is expected that you provide a warning of said content before sharing it. Please also put < and > around links with such content.
    • That being said, do not post pornographic content on the server. Lewd material is okay.
  • Do not give out other users' personal information unless they allow it.


The following points are guidelines. Not following these will not lead to consequences taken (so long as the rules are complied with), but may ensure you have a generally positive experience on the server.

  • This server has over fifty users and can see about twenty users online in its peak times. As a result, active conversations from multiple users may cause some conversations or questions to be pushed out. If users do not respond to a question you have, it may be because they did not see it. Do not be upset and take it out on the users in the community. Wait until the current topic dies down and ask again, or, if the message is for a specific user, try directly messaging them.
  • While there is no rule against controversial topics or swearing, keep in mind that a good portion of the active community generally does not like to see such content. If such topics are brought up, chances are, the community is going to ask you to stop. Handle such words or subjects with caution, as heated arguments that result from this will most likely result in staff intervention.